CyberKnife: noninvasive cancer treatment that’s easy on you

CyberKnife® is an innovative new way to treat certain cancers including (but not limited to) lung and prostate cancer. CyberKnife is an FDA-approved form of radiosurgery, but it is neither a knife nor surgery. It is extremely precise radiation treatment that’s noninvasive, much easier on patients, and as effective as conventional forms of radiation treatment.

Extreme precision for faster, easier treatment.

CyberKnife is ideally suited for the treatment of small solid-mass tumors, which are often found in the lungs and prostate. With image-guided, tumor-tracking accuracy (1 mm), the CyberKnife system delivers a high-dose radiation beam directly to the tumor to destroy it. The higher dose means that the patient receives 1 to 5 treatments, far shorter than conventional radiation therapy’s 40-plus days of travel and treatments.

CyberKnife treatment sessions typically take less than an hour, occurring daily (weekdays) for just 1 week. This makes a huge difference in the convenience and impact of cancer treatment. At the same time, the long-term data shows that CyberKnife’s outcomes are as good as outcomes seen with surgery and chemotherapy.

How CyberKnife works… without side effects!

Although it is high-dose, CyberKnife’s radiation beam is restricted very precisely to the shape of the tumor… in three dimensions. Treatment plans are created down to sub-millimeter accuracy based on the actual shape, size and position of the tumor as determined through 3D medical imaging (CT scans). Also, the delivery of the treatment dose itself is split over dozens of different angles.

This ability to treat from any angle — and recalculate the tumor’s exact position — means CyberKnife treatment can be extremely conformal to the tumor and avoid exposing healthy tissue to radiation. By reducing radiation exposure to normal surrounding tissues in this way, CyberKnife treatment generally has minimal side effects beyond tiredness. Patients get up, go back home or to work — even driving themselves there — and resume their normal lives.

State-of-the-art robotics and real-time imaging and positioning.

CyberKnife is a linear accelerator mounted on a very sophisticated robot arm that can position the accelerator anywhere around the body, as the patient lies comfortably on the table. Most of our patients here at the START Center don’t even know they’re being treated.

The system delivers treatment from dozens of angles during each session, actively imaging the tumor so that treatment delivery adjusts for any change in tumor or patient positioning. CyberKnife is even able to treat lung tumors with this same precision, moving the treatment beam in concert with the patient’s respiratory movement.

Trust world-class cancer care right here in South Texas.

At the START Center for Cancer Care, we have the only CyberKnife system in San Antonio. In fact, we are the only provider offering this truly next-generation cancer treatment between Austin, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. In addition, our radiation oncologists are part of one of South Texas’ leading cancer-care teams. The START Center provides complete care for cancer, including all traditional treatment, integrative therapies, support resources and the compassion and commitment you need when facing cancer.

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