At START, integrative cancer care means fostering a positive outlook.

Maintaining a good quality of life is one of the key components of our integrative cancer care strategy. That’s why at the START Center for Cancer Care, we offer an array of services that make the physical and psychological burdens of cancer care more manageable.

START offers you comfort during a tough time.

We’ve incorporated a variety of techniques to enhance your life and keep your attitude positive, a key part of cancer recovery. Services like massage and acupuncture are designed to relieve your aches, pains and stress so you can better confront the more difficult aspects of cancer care.

Every time you take advantage of one of our services, you’ll be reminded why we are considered a world-class cancer care facility. Our philosophy behind offering these services is to treat you with an inclusive, personalized coordination of care. This means treating all of your needs so you’re in the best position to overcome your cancer.

The unfortunate reality is that cancer treatments like chemotherapy can be unpleasant — bodily discomfort and “chemo brain” are all too common. Our integrative approach is meant to ease these side effects so you can continue living as normal a life as possible while fighting your cancer.

Through positive imagery, your strength will stand its ground.

Well-established to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy — particularly nausea, depression and fatigue — guided imagery is the process of engaging all of your senses to walk through a mental image in your mind, similar to meditation. By moving through an imagined scenario, you are activating the creative parts of your brain, which can have a strong effect on your brain’s response to stimuli (such as chemotherapy drugs).

There are many types of guided imagery you can perform that differ based on your desired goal, but if you’re unfamiliar with the practice, the most common technique is called End State Imagery. Popular among athletes, End State Imagery is the visualization of some desired end goal. For example, scoring a touchdown in tomorrow’s football game, or experiencing milder side effects from your chemotherapy treatment this afternoon, are possible scenarios to visualize.

Give your body the proper fuel to win the race against cancer.

Staying on a healthy diet is important when your body isn’t being taxed by stress, disease and rigorous medical treatments. Under the burden of cancer, an unhealthy diet can sink your mental state, immune system and physical strength along with the effectiveness of your therapies.

As your cancer care experts, it’s our duty (and ongoing commitment) to provide you internationally competitive cancer care. To us, that means giving you the tools to take charge of your own treatment and health. Proper nutrition is one of the most effective ways you can do that, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate our patients about optimal nutrition practices.

Your overall wellness is our priority. For more information on our integrative care strategies, or to schedule an appointment, call 210-593-5790. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.